Spacelogic Interiors is India’s only platform which ensures that you get the best local Interior Designers & Contractors based on your requirement, and protects you throughout the execution ensuring cost, time and quality.

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  • We match you with vetted designers or contractors, who compete and offer best value to you.
  • See pictures of past completed projects and read client testimonials.
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  • Protect your investment with clear contracts. No Late additions, unfair prices escalations.
  • Contract mentions penalties on professionals in case of delays, execution faults.
  • Genuine quality & no fake materials.
  • Prompt dispute tracking & mediation facilities incase of any issues.
  • Service Providers rectify work until acceptance by the clients.

Quality Control Regulations.

  • India's most advanced technology-led Quality Control reporting systems
  • Periodic checks on material quality and finishing quality.
  • Get fair material prices & Spacelogic Interiors exclusive discounts from our vendor partners.
  • 5 node acceptance from client on quality, scope check, measurements, quantities & rates.

Easy Payment & protection

  • Pay in parts at every milestone of project completion through Spacelogic Interiors ESCROW account.
  • We retain a part of that payment until the end of the project to safeguard you.
  • You pay only for the actual work done. No overcharging.

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